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  • Proven to be a faithful criminal with his little cronies under the Clinton administration, Attorney General Eric Holder has now been exposed once again by showing the American people how truly corrupt he is. If he is not stonewalling, then he is attempting to cover for some unlawful scandal this criminal administration has committed. Now he is even attempting to run from what he is responsible for by attempting to get out before being held accountable.

  • New allegations of physical abuse seem to surface daily. The most recent downpour began with the media release of a hotel surveillance video showing Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his girlfriend in the face, leaving her knocked out on the elevator floor -- and leaving even the most ardent NFL fans deeply disgusted. Then came more charges against a multitude of players on teams from coast to coast. College football took its licks with Florida State Heisman trophy winner Jamis Winston being accused of a number of crimes including rape. So is it just big time athletes who can’t control themselves? Hardly. How about the reckless and unlawful behavior of some federal judges?

  • We should ALL educate ourselves about the difference between a “Pyramid Scheme” and what we do in Network Marketing. They are two totally different things. Pyramid Schemes are illegal and Network Marketing is legal. The only similarity is that your Network Marketing organization CAN look like a pyramid (like every company in the world) and you do need to recruit people (customers and business builders) in order to grow.