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  • We have found, again, in the center of Ferguson, Missouri, that provocateurs have been sent in to stir up domestic insurrection.

    There have been numerous reports that there are infiltrators in the middle of many of the protests, and we have seen the police stand down against actual lawbreakers while at the same time throwing flash-bang grenades, firing tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protesters.

  • So I am motoring along a twisty section of road behind Orlando’s International Airport with a retractable convertible top down. Steely Dan’s Kid Charlemagne is blasting through the “Bose studio on wheels” headrest speakers on this perfect night. For a moment, all is right with the weather, the world and the car. The 2014 Infiniti Q60 Hardtop convertible is the subject of this week’s test drive.

    Up until 2014, this model was called the Infiniti G37 convertible, but for the naming strategy this model along with its coupe and higher performance IPL siblings become the Q60. All covertible models are rear-wheel drive, and for bad weather climates all-wheel drive is offered in coupe form.

  • As if periods weren’t bad enough with the bleeding, fatigue, and general discomfort (if you google “I hate my period” you get over 38,000,000 hits!), many women also deal with acne-like menstrual breakouts during that time of the month. If this is you, read on; you’ll find that there’s a nutrient you can use that may help eliminate and completely prevent period pimples and at the same time reduce other unpleasantries associated with your monthly cycle.