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  • Dreams are fragile, living things; neglect them and they die, devote yourself to them and they exhaust and frustrate. Achieve them and they can bring great joy, but there is always, always a price.

    When the dream involves the arts, when the passion inside burns to make music, to sing, dance, write, paint, sculpt—to create—the road is especially perilous, the dream nearly impossible to obtain and when one does, never, ever is it what they imagined. I speak as both a working artist and someone who has spoken to every major working musician or artist over the past 30 years; a life in the arts can be the most rewarding and also an emotional and professional roller coaster ride.

  • Genesis Communications Network and Michael Rivero are proud to announce their renewed partnership which will bring Michael Rivero and his talk radio program, What Really Happened to GCN, July 21, 2014, Monday through Friday from 3pm - 6pm (CST). What Really Happened is broadcast from Oahu, Hawaii and is a non-partisan talk show which aims to go after the lying and corrupt of all political parties with equal relish. Michael Rivero states, “Our goal is to derail the rush to World War III as a “fix” for the collapsing US economy.”

  • I remember when I first became part of the family of God in Jesus Christ about 20 years ago. On several occasions while attending church services, there would be people who would share their testimonies where a good half hour would be spent on magnifying how sinful, evil and bad they were with a smirk on their faces, while one or two minutes would be spent on emphasizing on how good God was by saving them through Jesus Christ. I also noticed that in many cases these storytellers were the first ones to play the hypocrite outside of the congregation’s eye. One day they would be in front of a church giving their testimonies, and the next they were out doing the same things they proclaimed they were delivered from. The furthest thing from their professed walk in Christ was Christ Himself. The fruit of Jesus was M.I.A. when it came to their walk.

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