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  • Are you an American?

    If you are, can I ask you a question? In your way of thinking, what makes you an American? Is it where you were born? Is it because of where you presently live? Does a SSN make you an American? Or a passport or driver’s License?

    If we think back to when America began, what made you an American back then?

  • IRS building

    My name is Joseph Walburn, I am a survivor of an IRS political hit, and this is my story.

    My nightmare began August 31, 2011 when I received the letter from the IRS. After summoning my courage, I opened the letter and became physically ill. I knew immediately what this was. It was a notification of an examination, a “shoe box” audit, the worst kind of inquiry an individual could ever receive from the IRS. As a CPA with twelve years of experience I’d heard horror stories of summons such as this but thankfully had never had a client “chosen”.

  • The more I learn about this nation’s leadership in the church and in government, the more I can clearly see why America is in the state that it is in. The compromise I see is second to none. Compromise, of course, is where two people get together and agree on what they both know is wrong.

    Diplomacy (or political correctness) is another sorry trait these people take on, which is simply destroying our country. Diplomacy is nothing but seduction in another guise.

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